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Brian D. Chenowith on Proper Hiking Etiquette

With thousands of miles of trails to choose from, Oregon offers visitors some of the most spectacular hiking on earth. To ensure that trails remain healthy and well-maintained, here are a few tips on proper hiking etiquette.

First, observe the “leave no trace” maxim. This principle encourages people to enjoy the outdoors responsibly by exercising certain ethical practices. Educational programs throughout the country teach hikers to minimize their impact by planning for all weather, traveling in small groups, and taking with them all garbage and equipment they introduce to the environment.

Next, hikers should be well-informed about their hiking location. They should be aware of all rules and regulations, and if possible, should schedule trips when park use is not at its highest.

Finally, hikers should be respectful of all flora and fauna, refraining from picking plants or flowers or approaching wildlife, and properly disposing of all waste materials. By practicing common sense and respect for the environment and fellow hikers, Oregon’s trails will remain treasures for years to come.

About the Author: Brian D. Chenoweth is a Portland-based lawyer with a keen passion for the diverse nature and hiking the area has to offer.